the stranger; install views white flag project very level walls satellite exhibition organized by carlos reyes.

the stranger; weather balloon, air, book page.

8' x 8'

works with Luke Stettner, Tapping, curated by Jenni Crain. Kansas Gallery. Framed Xerox prints, captioned photographs, ginger 24 x 36 in/ 61 x 91.44 cm Photos by Adam Kremer.

Acoustic Measurements of Archives; Inkjet print transfers on wood panels.

ed)clos, ssh/shh; fired ceramic, alumina hydrate and kaolin

(When the line break comes at the end of a phrase, sentence, or clause, the line is end-stopped. end-stopped lines often end with punctuation like periods/full stops, commas, semi-colons, and colons);various string and percussion mutes, screens, turtle shells, plywood, paint


He Do The Police in Different Voices; digital erasures of Eliot's text leaving Pound's edits. Blueprints, 24" x 36" ea.


from ; To the atoms rainfall: there's no pit- far down, to be their pool; field guides pulped and cast into sheets of paper; 24" x 36"

Night sky with spectra; industrial flooring substrate/insulation sheeting. 4' x 8'

big loop(homing); escalator handrail. dimensions variable.

Baudelaire, Charles, and Varese, Louise. 1970. Paris Spleen, 1869. New York: New Directions Publishing Corp.

A door slammed. On the village square the child swung his arms around, and was understood by the weather vanes and the steeple cocks everywhere, under the pelting rain.


When the world is reduced to a single dark wood for our two pairs of dazzled eyes- to a beach for two faithful children-to a musical house for our clear understanding-then I shall find you.


A gust of wind makes operatic cracks in the partitions, confuses the pivoting of worm-eaten roofs, blows away the walls of hearths, blots out the windows.

left: American Museum of Natural History Division of Anthropology Archives,


right: New York Public Library Rare Books and Manuscripts Archives.

left: National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Eastern Region


right: National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Eastern Region.